Generator. Operator. Destroyer.

by Aglacia

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10 song debut album self recorded by the band for fans of post hardcore and progressive rock.


released April 5, 2011

Written and Performed by: Aglacia
Produced and Engineered by: Sean Dolich
Mix and Master by: Jon Arena
Art and Design by: Kyle Adams



all rights reserved


Aglacia Daytona Beach, Florida

Aglacia is a 6 piece progressive rock / post hardcore outift based in Daytona Beach, FL and est. 2010

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Track Name: Just Above Our Heads
There's a light in the sky so pure and intense, spoken into existence, and from your first breath as I spoke your name your eyes fell away. We were all born into this sleeping, we were born into this. We are only dreamers of reality. We were young, we were fed just the same, just to see. I lived and I was dead. I saw no one get out. Transpose this walk for another, it's the same sound.
Track Name: Appeared And Was Gone
This is where they come from every direction to put an end to this cycle. In here there is no light, but I can hear them begin to move. They’re like a parasite feeding the host its own lies, and I’m just like them with no beginning and no end, I’ll hear them cry out and obey without a sound. Speak up tell me all of the things you wanted but couldn’t say. Speak up, they say, they all stare but no one is listening. They wrap their arms around me in such a subtle embrace and pull me into them. I’ve been so content to let repetition have its way again and again. They dragged me out to all the flickering lights, like a moth I followed them to a company of dead men. Where everything is alive and breathing but it all feels so broken. I must be caught somewhere in between illusion and reality, let me out of this dream. But I’m just like them, I have no end and when they cry out I won’t hear a sound. Everyone is waiting, everyone is scared.
Track Name: Black Space
I do not fear death, only what's in between. I watched the images fade and lose ability to keep me concentrated; to keep me conscious. When we enter through the void we'll never turn around again.
Track Name: They're Only Aware
Awake now at last, and so we begin, my reflection tells me what he believes in. We are growing limbs to touch the outside where we will run with our legs and eat with our mouths. But the cord is much too short to reach and though I try I can never open these eyes. In hear we are both blind. We grew so fast only to find ourselves with no room to move at all. We always said we wouldn’t last long breathing the air and it feels as if my head just woke up for the first time. There is no life after this. This is where it ends. Awake now at last. Rewind, we’re all asleep.
Track Name: Constant Flux
I watched you wander away from me, the disease was still a part of you. You were caught inside the shades of grey. If you could hear me speak, I would say "I'm waiting".
Track Name: In Search of A Place
I’ve been wondering how you let me wander this far away. Things have changed and nothing ever stands still. You left me here to feed on these bad genetics, crawling amongst the rest of the dead men. If this was born from a desire to breath, how can I cure this disease? I’m not sure that I’ve ever lived. I saw my body grow legs. Can you convince me to be still? I’m not finding home again. To just be still. What did you expect them to say? They all end up the same. But you’re insane even in (rational thinking).
Track Name: The Sentinel
Defeat and such a bitter end we have come to and yet we shoulder these burdens and walk into a suffered future. We carry on until we collapse. Our weakened souls fell from this earth into a black space where god only knows how to find his way out. Oh, but they didn’t mean it, after all weren’t we made so intricate as to see the other side? Without the constant sound, I always felt alone in my fear. I was afraid of him. Now my eyes are wide open but they’re still so delicate to this light. And we have nothing better to do than just sit with our heads tilted back towards the sky as if to touch the heavens with our eyes. Would you rather believe there’s no one waiting for us?To be here in this place with no voices calling out our names. I know the fear of god has grown and died inside me, so look back because when we leave we don’t return.
Track Name: To Find Oneself
I am becoming aware to feel that I’m already connected to something I will remain in. I must have been built this way. Looking around for the first time, surrounded by others in the same place as me. Let me try and explain when I’ve never seen anything like it. This is not an escape from here, this won’t lead anywhere. It’s only a temporary place we float in. I will return void from this empty head of mine, I keep filling and filling it up. Open mind. You just need a little time to figure out your breathing. We just need a little time before we sink into the feeling. This is where we reach for it until our veins fill as we begin to swim. You’re not like me, I have watched you all drift away into this temporary space.
Track Name: Nevea
So that’s it, that’s all I am, a dying man. I am counting my breaths with each and every step. My eyes are open, aware of everything around me. Staring into the backs of my eyes I’ve found nothing. I am incomplete.
Track Name: Infinite
I look over a sea, beloved, and gradually they all begin to leave after everything was given to them. So this is where I find myself, with infinite visions and no words to describe them. Lost in imagination.